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  • I've been teaching in Marion County since the Fall of 2009.
  • I've been teaching at NMHS since November 2013.

That's me on the right! 


  • I have been married since October 2011.
  • I have a dog named Theodore Roosevelt and a cat named Wally.
  • I love volleyball, cooking, kayaking, hiking and running!
  • My favorite sports teams are the Miami Marlins and the Pittsburgh Penguins!


  • Bachelors in education from Fairmont State University in 2009.
  • Masters in education from Fairmont State University in 2014

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1st Semester
First BlockWorld Collab
Second BlockPlan
Third BlockWorld
Fourth BlockWorld

2nd Semester
First BlockWorld Studies
Second BlockPlan
Third BlockWorld Studies
Fourth BlockWorld Studies

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