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 North Marion High School

Philosophy of Education

        At North Marion High School we believe that a large portion of an indivdual's life hinges upon his vocation. Therefore, preparation for sound career decision making is essential to  personal happiness and success. Our school attempts to look  objectively to the future and to provide a program in which each  student will be able to seek and find academic and social  experiences which will prepare him/her for their chosen place in  society. It is the hope of the faculty and administration that each  student will incorporate these experiences and ideas into their own set of values and goals, which will enable them to respond effectively to new situations as they relate to them throughout their life. We believe North Marion High School can achieve this goal by  immplementing an experienced based comprehensive education  program. 

       Realizing that students learn at different rates and have various capabilities, we stress the importance of offering programs for every student. Our aim is to help all students realize their potential. We intend to guide each student through experiences with the main objective being student success, acceptance and recognition. We hope that as a result of their exposure to these positive kinds of experiences, they will becoem  a responsible, reliable and dedicated adult.

        We believe that the school, functioning within a given frame of  time, must prepare, plan and act in such a way as to help mold the student into a total personality. We believe this will enable them to cope effectively with the stress of living in a complex, technologically oriented society as well as dealing wtih the daily practical problems that challenge them throughout their lifetime. The charter that the staff of North Marion High School stands by is  that "by improving the lives of students, we improve the communities in which we live."

With Husky Pride,

Rusty DeVito