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Dress Code

Dress is to be in good taste and morally correct.  Skirts and shorts must be in accord with the finger-tip rule.  Headwear (hats of any kind, bandannas, and sunglasses) are not permitted in school along with anything that disrupts or detracts from the learning environment as identified by the teacher or administrator.

  Examples of unacceptable attire are:

  1. Jeans or shorts with inappropriate holes or tears. 
  2. Backless garments, see-through clothing, bare midriffs, or miniskirts.
  3. Tank tops and muscle shirts
  4. Sleeveless tops that are less than 3 fingers wide
  5. Apparel with vulgar, obscene or graphically explicit words, art or pictures, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
  6. Boxer shorts and pajama bottoms
  7. Gang-related apparel, this includes but not limited to  any emblem or symbol including the Confederate flag, chain necklaces or bracelets, any chain over six inches in length, jewelry with blunt or sharp objects, gang logo or symbols.
  8. Face paint and Masks
  9. Trench Coats (any color)

Students who wear unacceptable attire will be sent home and/or asked to change before they return to class.  Repeat offenders will be subject to disciplinary actions.  NMHS will comply with Marion County Dress Code 5511.