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Graduation Requirements

Attendance for all four years during grades 9-12 is imperative to attain the educational goals of West Virginia.  Therefore, all students shall be scheduled for the full school day all four years.  All students that take an AP College Course must take the AP exam.

Marion County Graduation Requirements

English/Language Arts


(Three of the four must be Math I and above)


Social Studies (World History, US History, Contemporary Studies, and Civics/Gov.)

Physical Education


The Arts

(Must be Dance, Music, Theater, or Visual Arts)

**Career Concentration Units

***Foreign Language         


Experiential Learning*

4 units

4 units

**3 or ***4 units  

4 units

1  unit

1  unit

1  unit

4 units

2 units

1-3 units

30 hours

TOTAL 24 units

                     *see below

** Skilled Pathway—CTE

***Professional Pathway—Non-CTE

The graduation requirements listed above reflect the changes made in West Virginia Education standards according to State Board Policy 2510 which provides for the implementation of Senate Bill 300.

Complete graduation and college entrance requirements are contained in the Scheduling Brochure and should be consulted by the student and his/her parents at the time of enrollment and each time a student schedules a new semester of work.

*Experiential Learning Policy

All students enrolled in grades 9-12 in Marion County shall participate in 30 hours of experiential learning experience as required for graduation. Students will be provided an opportunity to participate in an actual work-based activity or a simulation thereof in the area of their interest.  Activities may include but are not limited to tours, field trips, classroom speakers, job shadowing, community service, and part-time employment.  The hours must be approved by the Experiential Learning Coordinator.

Promotions and Classifications

Listed below is the minimum number of credits necessary to be classified as a sophomore, junior, senior and the total for graduation. 

    Graduation-24   Senior-17   Junior-11   Sophomore- 5

Additional requirements are fully explained in the scheduling brochure and should be consulted when the student is completing his/her academic plans with his/her parents each year.