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Due Process

Due process for students will be provided pursuant to West Virginia Board of Education Policy 4372. This code of conduct applies to all students enrolled in public schools in Marion County.  This policy does not supersede any rights granted to special education students by Federal or State Law or other State or County Board of Education policy.

Title IX Statement

As required by federal law and regulations, the Marion County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, handicapping condition, marital status, or national origin in employment or in its educational programs and activities.  Inquires may be referred to Gary Price, Title IX Coordinator/Section 504 Coordinator, Marion County Board of Education at 200 Gaston Avenue, Fairmont, WV  26554 (phone 367-2100) or to the Department of Education’s Director of the Office for Civil Rights.

Absences in Secondary Schools

All students in Marion county secondary schools are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes in order to benefit and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility.

The administration, faculty and guidance departments of the school will work with the student in cooperation with the parents to solve problems which lead to poor attendance.  However, we recognize that the family and, in the final analysis, the student, must assume the responsibility for regular school attendance.

In order to aid these students and their families in establishing regular attendance patterns, the Marion County Board of Education shall employ a certified county director of attendance to implement and execute the duties as defined in the School laws of West Virginia.  The attendance director may also file a juvenile petition of the Circuit Court of Marion County on any student who is habitually absent from Marion county Schools without lawful justification.  A complaint may also be filed on any person who contributes to or induces any child to be unlawfully absent from school.  Any excused absences, doctor notes, parent notes *maximum of 5* must be turned in to Mr. Shaffer within 5 days of the student returning to school.  These only exempt students from the comprehensive exam and NOT the semester exam.

Pursuant with West Virginia State law, regular school attendance is a condition of licensing for the privilege of the operation of a motor vehicle.  A student who has withdrawn from school or has missed ten consecutive or fifteen days unexcused during a single school year is subject to the revocation of a driving permit or license.  A student whose driving privilege has been suspended must maintain satisfactory attendance during one complete semester following the revocation to be eligible for reinstatement of his/her driving privileges.   A student must obtain a verification of attendance/enrollment form from his/her school when making application for instructional permits or licenses at each level of the graduated licensing program.  A student can obtain a verification of attendance/enrollment form, provided that the student has not reached the disqualifying days of ten consecutive or fifteen days total unexcused absences during the school year.  Student must also pass a minimum of 5 courses per semester to be eligible for a driving permit.

Those who anticipate requiring a verification of attendance/ enrollment form should make an application at least one week prior to the needed date.  The school will then process the form and secure the required signatures of the Attendance Director and Principal.  Students should apply for the verification form at the school in which they are enrolled.

 Semester FinalStudents who accumulate 5 absences, per semester, are subject to take the Semester Final which carries a weight of 10% toward the semester grade. 

 Comprehensive FinalAny student that has accumulated 10 or more absences, per semester, are subject to take the Comprehensive Final for that semester, which carries a weight of 60% toward their semester grade.

The attendance/exam policy is subject to change per review of the Marion County BOE.

Marion County Make-up Work Policy

Upon returning to school following an absence for any reason, students shall be responsible to contact each teacher for make-up work.  Each student shall be given an equal number of days as s/he was absent to make up all work (maximum-five days), with the exception that all work on the first day of absence will be due on the first day the student returns to school.


Bus transportation to and from school each school day is provided by the Marion County Board of Education for those students who live outside a one-mile radius from the school.  Students are expected to follow the safety and conduct rules established by the Board of Education (Marion County Board of Education Policy 3.11).  Questions concerning bus transportation should be made to the Director of Transportation or made at the county garage on Virginia Avenue (phone 304-367-2161).  Students arriving at school by bus must remain on campus upon arrival.  Students that are attending the Alternative Learning Center must report to the front of the Auditorium until their bus arrives.  If they fail to follow these guidelines, parents will provide their own transportation to the ALC. At the end of the day, students are to go from the ALC bus directly to their bus which takes them home.

NMHS Closed Campus

Students who provide their own transportation to school (walk or ride) must immediately report on campus upon arrival.  Students who drive may not stay in their car and students who walk cannot leave campus without permission.  Once in sight of the school, students must immediately report inside.  Students are not to be in their cars at any time during the school day. The penalty for unauthorized leaving of the school campus is structured lunch and/or suspension.

Driving and Parking

Students and parents are advised that there is no parking allowed along Route 250 as the police will ticket cars which are illegally parked. Student parking is available in the lower parking lot for a fee of $20.00 per year. Students who are consistently late for school, or who leave campus without permission will have their driving privilege revoked.  Students who violate these rules will be subject to suspension and/or revocation of driving privileges.

Marion County Board of Education Student Eligibility

The WVBE recognizes that driving a vehicle is a privilege and WV code requires young people at least 15 but less than eighteen yrs. of age to maintain specified driver eligibility requirements related to school ATTENDANCE, PERSONAL BEHAVIOR and ACADEMIC PROGRESS in order to obtain and maintain a WV license or permit for operation of a motor vehicle.  WV Code 18-8-1.

Front of Building Etiquette

Parents are requested to facilitate movement in the mornings and afternoons by not blocking the buses in the front of the building.  Parents are to drop off and pick students up in the lower/student parking lot for the safety of the students. 

Sign In-Sign Out

Students who come to school after the tardy bell for first period must sign in at the office.  If the student is to leave the building for any reason, he or she must have a parent or guardian sign them out in the office. Students can NOT sign themselves out of school.  Upon returning that day, he or she must also sign back in.  Students who are ill and go home at lunch must have a parent or guardian sign them out of the office.  This will be noted in the sign in/out log book.  All of this is important in checking and verifying attendance each day.  Improper sign in/out will result in discipline action. To check on a student’s attendance, the parent/guardian should contact one of the assistant principals at 304-986-3065.

Off-Limit Areas

The teachers’ lounges are off-limit to all students unless written permission is given by a teacher.  The Senior Court is restricted to seniors only; no underclassmen are permitted to sit on Senior Court during the day. Seniors are NOT allowed to write on the walls.  A teacher must accompany students to the senior court except during the student’s lunch period.  Students are not allowed to loiter in the hallways during lunchtime and the first ten minutes and the last five minutes of each class (freeze time.) During school hours the parking lot is off limits to all students without permission.

Campus Travel

At all times, students must have the specified pass from their teacher to leave the classroom.  Students must sign out and then sign in upon return for restroom privileges, use of the phone, to go to a locker, etc. on the teacher’s hallway log.  Students must go directly to their approved destination and return promptly.  Students may not leave classrooms during  freeze time,” the first 10 minutes and last five minutes of each period

School Visitors

It is against the school policy of North Marion High School to have visitors in the individual classes.  If visitors are brought to school, prior approval of one of the principals is necessary.  The visitors must be issued a one-day visitor’s pass to be present at the school.

Parents who wish to visit with teachers must do so at either of the Parent Teacher Conferences, or they may make an appointment with the teacher by calling the school.

Anyone visiting the school must report to the main office immediately upon entering the building before meeting with the teachers of students.

Deliveries to Students at School

Students, family and friends are requested not to send flowers and gifts to students at school.  Often these gifts arrive late in the day before students can be notified of the arrival of the items.  The school cannot assume responsibility for the care and delivery of these items. Also per Marion County Transportation policy students are not permitted to take delivered items on school buses. 

School Closing

The superintendent of schools, the director of transportation and other sources shall be responsible for deciding whether schools or an individual school will be closed or delayed due to inclement weather or other causes.

If schools are to be closed or delayed in opening for the students the decision will be made and announced by 6 a.m., or in case of extreme weather conditions or other causes, the announcement may be made on the previous evening.  Please do not call the television and/or radio stations.

In case of a two-hour delay, there will be no change in the bus routes, but the times for pickup will be two hours later.  The afternoon dismissal will then run according to the regular schedule. The following radio and television stations will be notified of school closings or delays:  WTCS, WCLG, WVAQ, WKKW, WBOY, WDTV.  All parents will also be notified through ParentLink. 

Discipline Policy

In order for all students at North Marion High School to achieve the highest standards of education, certain codes of conduct are necessary.  This policy is to supplement the county policy and to make known to parents, teachers and students what behavior is expected of them.  Procedures for promoting constructive, desirable behavior will be dealt with as this policy recommends.

The listed actions/activities on the part of the student are considered nonproductive to education and to the well being of others in the school.

The student committing the offense is responsible for all personal injuries and the parent or legal guardians are responsible for damages to the extent provided for by the law.

Options listed for levels of behavior are the minimum—not maximum—responses to be taken.  If an offense is more severe, the response will be at the discretion of the administration.  Offenses at each level include but are not limited to those listed.  In the application of this discipline policy, all personnel shall be afforded due process.

This policy will apply to all students with the exception that it shall not violate the state disciplinary policy for exceptional children.  In case of conflict, the state policy shall apply.

The policy has five levels of offenses.  Levels 100-500.  Each is succeedingly more serious and results in stronger disciplinary consequences.  Copies of the policy are available in the school office.

Rules for Structured Lunch

  1. All students are to sit in their seats facing the front of the room.
  2. Each student will be responsible every morning to sign up for his/her own lunch in the main office.
  3. All forms of communication including gestures are prohibited.
  4. Students are not allowed to put their heads down.
  5. Students are to bring in their own class work.
  6. Each student is to be reminded each day why s/he is in structured lunch and how many days s/he has left.
  7. You must arrive on time, no tardies are allowed.
  8. Punishment for not attending will result in the following:

First offense – Reminder/Warning to attend

Second offense – Conference with administrator and the assignment of 2 days of Afterschool Detention.

Students assigned to structured lunch will be given the room number.  Violation of any of the above rules as well as failure to attend structured lunch will result in afterschool detention or suspension from school.

Tardy Policy

When a student reaches three tardies in a semester, the teacher will notify the office and the student will be called to appear before the assistant principal.  The assistant principal will then assign the student three days structured lunch.  A fourth tardy will result in four additional structured lunch days.  Failure to attend structured lunch will result in afterschool detention and possibly suspension from school.

A student is considered absent from class if s/he arrives fifteen minutes after the tardy bell.  Arrival within fifteen minutes of the tardy bell will be considered a tardy.  Teachers are to be very cautious in writing admits for students to their next class.  This is to only be done when the teacher detains the student, gets permission from the next class’s teacher and is to be kept to a minimum.

A student is considered absent from class if s/he misses 15 or more minutes of that class.  This applies specifically to students who are signing in/out of the building for a doctor’s appointment, etc.  Students must let the teacher know at roll call if s/he will be leaving and show the pass from the office.  Students are to come to school with signed notes for appointments and are to take care of the sign out process in the office before school.  Students are strongly urged to schedule appointments outside the school day.

School Fees

All students are to pay school fees each year unless approved for a waiver. The school fee is $12.00 and sponsors:

  1. Class / PBIS acknowledgements
  2. Rewards Program
  3. Discounts on daytime activities.
  4. Improved GPA pizza party
  5. Cost of parent newsletters, attendance letters, midterm reports

Locker Assignments

Locker assignments are made by homeroom (AA) teachers at the beginning of school.  Each teacher is given a block of lockers to assign students. A combination lock is needed for all lockers and will be provided for a rental fee of $5.00.  Students are not permitted to share lockers. If caught sharing a locker, both students’ locker privileges may be suspended.  Students taking P.E. are instructed to lock all valuables in their P.E. locker. Students are instructed to lock all valuables while at athletic or extra-curricular practices.  If for any reason school officials wish to search a locker, they have the right to do so without notifying the student.

Fire Drills

The following policies have been formulated by the administration of North Marion High School concerning fire drills:

  1. There will be ten fire drills each school year.  These drills may be called for at any period of the day.  Each teacher will be in full command of his/her class.  Order is absolutely necessary.
  2. The alarm will be the ringing of the automatic fire alarm system.
  3. Each teacher is directly responsible for his/her own class in leaving and returning, and should be ready to assist in any unusual circumstances or emergencies.
  4. A student in each class shall be appointed to assist in the proper execution of the drills.  His/Her duties shall be to close the windows, turn off the lights and close the door after the students have evacuated the room. That student shall then follow the line of students from the room. 
  5. If an unusual situation is created, such as blocking off some stairway or barring an exit, each teacher must determine immediately the exit the students in his/her room would use in case the usual one is cut off.
  6. The return signal will be one ring of the main bell system of the buildings. 
  7. Should a fire alarm sound while students are in the hallways before school, during class or at noon, students and teachers shall form lines, two abreast, and leave the building by the following exits:   
    1. The main floor will leave by the front doors.
    2. The top floor will leave by the two exits leading to the front of the building.
    3. The weight room will use the front parking lot exit.   
    4. The Auditorium will use the exit designated by the teacher.    
  8. Teachers will instruct their students about correct fire drill procedures.
  9. Teachers will take their roll books to assist in accounting for all students.
  10. Teachers will send notice to the school secretary that all students are out of the building from their designated area.

Permission for Out-of-School Visitation

  1. Seniors may be excused from school two days during their senior year for a career-related purpose (for example, visits to post secondary campuses and military testing.)  Juniors are permitted one day during their second semester.  The student must secure prior approval from the school in order for the absence to be excused.  This form can be obtained from a guidance counselor, and parent or guardian.  Also, when the student makes the visitation, s/he must obtain the signature of an official representing the institution and return the form to the counselor to be placed in the student’s cumulative folder.

Selection to the National Honor Society

Junior and Senior students are eligible for induction into the Augusta Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS).  Membership is based upon scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  To be eligible, a student must have a 3.5 GPA and be involved in leadership, school activities, and community service.

A list containing the names of those students who return a preliminary form to the NHS adviser indicating their desire for membership is sent to all faculty members.  Faculty votes on each category.  The balloting is then reviewed by a faculty committee.  All decisions made by the committee are final.  There is no limit on the number of students inducted.

Special Notice to Parents/Students

1.  Students who miss four or fewer days are not required to take final exams.  However, the faculty has gone on record as encouraging all students to take the final exams as experience for college/post-high school testing.  County Policy regarding testing for all students will be observed.

2.  No medicine (prescription or nonprescription) of any kind may be given to a student by school personnel unless authorized by the administration and parent(s)/guardians(s)

Notice to All Students and Others

The Marion County Board of Education is committed to ensuring the safety and well being of all students and staff.  Any threat against students or staff will result in immediate suspension from school, and local law enforcement agencies will be informed.  Rumors of threats will be investigated fully, and local law enforcement will be notified.  A helpline number has bee established where reports of any threat to the safety and well-being of students, teachers, and staff will be fully investigated.  All reports are handled confidentially.  The helpline number is 1-866-SAFE-WVA (1-866-723-3982)