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In the spring, each student receives a pre-registration booklet which lists the graduation requirements and course descriptions.  Each student meets with his counselor to determine the subjects to be taken for the next school term. Students will register for classes through computerized scheduling once the master schedule has been developed.

Adding and Dropping Classes at North Marion High School

Prior to the opening of school in the fall and at the beginning of the second semester, classes may be dropped or added if it is absolutely necessary.  This time span is 2 weeks (10 days).  Once this time period has elapsed, the following options are available:

  1. Conference with teacher and counselor to discuss current course progress.
  2. Investigate peer tutoring through National Honor Society.
  3. Investigate after school tutoring offered by the school.
  4. Contact the Marion County Board of Education or FSU for a tutor.
  5. Drop the course with a failing grade.
    1. Form must be signed and dated by parent and student.
    2. Complete semester in a non-credited course.
  6. Drop to a lower level course in same content area (i.e. Geometry to Applied Geometry.
    1. Grade will be computed by proportionally averaging both grades.
    2. Drop form must be signed and dated by parent, student and teacher.

7.     Procedures for auditing a class.

  1. Complete all assignments, quizzes, and tests
  2. Follow NMHS attendance policy.
  3. If student does not follow A and B, student will receive a grade of “F” for the semester.
  4. Student will receive an AUD in the course.
  5. AUD will not affect the GPA
  6. Decision to audit must be made NO LATER than three (3) instructional days after report cards are issued at the end of the first and third nine weeks.
  7.  Form must be signed and dated by parent, student, and teacher.

Adding and Dropping Classes at Marion County Technical Center

Additional information regarding the Marion County Technical Center’s Add/Drop policy is available in the Counselor’s office.

Repeating Courses

Any required course that is failed must be repeated.   In cases where a course is repeated, both the original and subsequent grades are counted for compiling grade point averages and class rank.  This may be achieved through Credit Recovery courses.