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Passport Program
Passport Program Philosophy / Mission Statement
The Passport Program has been organized to allow all Marion County school students an opportunity to achieve a sense of accomplishment while applying their individual skills and talents in the efforts of creating a paper, project, presentation and portfolio, known as the Passport Program. The Passport Program is a challenging student driven, teacher guided culminating program. During their senior year, students will be required to complete a multifaceted project which will give them the opportunity to exhibit, in summary fashion, the skills, knowledge, creativity, and talents which they have developed throughout their education. The Passport Project will not only require the students to read and write, but it will also employ self-discipline, organizational skills, initiative, and imagination in a dynamic and exciting project. It will allow students the freedom to explore an area or field of their own choice and the opportunity to bring their own life experiences to their project.
Marion County Schools Graduation Requirement Statement
Marion County Schools requires all students beginning with the graduating class of 2010 to complete the Passport Program per Policy 5460. The areas of the program include career exploration through College Foundation of West Virginia website (career exploration), research paper, project/product, and presentation.

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