Music Education

Mr. Greg Devito, choral instructor at Fairmont Senior High School, has begun a fundraising campaign to purchase iPADs and instructional materials for students to learn music composition and theory in a digital age. The donations are rolling in, and the goal is very close to being reached.

From Mr. Devito:

"I have taught a course with these materials at another school. Students who were involved in this course have gone on to join choir and/or band, gone into digital design in college, or have decided to pursue a career in music. This changed their entire perception of music and the arts in general; and best of all, it increased their respect and appreciation for the culture that music brings to our way of life. "

"If you chip in to help my students, you'll receive awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks. Your support would mean so much to us. Thank you."

Please help the students reach their goal. To learn more about this program. Click on the link above.