Marion County Prekindergarten

West Virginia Universal Prekindergarten Programs provide a nurturing and enriched environment that supports maximum development and optimizes learning opportunities in early childhood.

The Pre-k programs in Marion County have been designed to meet the needs of eligible children through a holistic approach by learning through play and focusing on developing social, physical, cognitive and language and communication skills. 

The Marion County Board of Education works in collaboration with Head Start, DHHR, Special Education, Birth to Three, and area child care centers to provide families with a variety of Pre-kindergarten experiences.

Our prekindergarten programs implement the W. V. Early Learning Standards Framework which is scientifically based and was written to reflect a developmental continuum that enhances successful transitions into kindergarten.  It allows educators to individualize for each child by building on what they already know and helping foster acquisition of new concepts and skills by providing hands on active exploration, problem solving, communication activities and encouraging creativity.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Marion County provides high quality preschool services to:

  • Children who turn 4 prior to July 1 of the year he/she is to enroll.
  • 3 year old children identified with special needs that have an IEP.
  • 5 year olds with special needs as specified in their IEP

Applications can be obtained at the Board of Education or downloaded from this site.  Please be sure to read over all enrollment requirements.

To make an appointment for registration and get your Pre-k Packet

please contact 

Heidi Kosik at 304-367-2100 ext. 117

Stacey Oliver

Prekindergarten/Kindergarten Liaison

304-367-2100 ext. 126