Our programs are designed to meet the needs of all eligible

children through a holistic approach, including key developmental domains of

health and physical development, social and emotional development,

language development and communication, cognition and general knowledge,

and a child’s individual approaches to learning.

Eligibilty and Enrollment

  • If your child is four years old prior to July 1 of the year he/she is to enroll they are eligible. 
  • Children who are five years old prior to September 1 shall be enrolled in kindergarten, instead of WV Pre-K, unless assessment data can determine that kindergarten placement for that child is not in the child’s best interest.  The WV Pre-K Child Assessment System data can be utilized for five year old children previously enrolled in WV Pre-K; alternative assessment data will be necessary for five year old children who are new enterers. 
  • Three year old children can be enrolled in the WV Pre-K System if they have an IEP.
  • You must complete an enrollment packet and return it to the home school, board office, or child care.
  • You need to select TWO site preferences on the application.  Your child will be offered a slot, however, in some areas when the classroom fills, you will then given your second choice.

Please see point enrollment for more detail on site selection and placement. 


  • Families must provide transportation to child cares and board of education sites.  Transportation is offered through Head Start and Special Education for those children who qualify for those programs.

Attendance (Policy 2525 126-28-5)

  • Enrollment in an approved participating WV Pre-K program is voluntary; however, once the child is enrolled, attendance must follow W. Va. Code §18-8-1, et seq., which allows the program administrator (i.e. principal, director, executive director), teacher and parent/guardian to pursue disenrollment of the child if they concur that requiring further attendance for that school year is not in the best interest of the child. 
  • Once a child is dis-enrolled, re-enrollment is not guaranteed.
  • School Sites :                              

                                Early Dismissal = Pre-K will not have class

                                2 hour Delay = Pre-K will start two hours later

                                School is cancelled = Pre -K is cancelled.

Child Care Sites and Head Start : Please follow individual program procedures.

Cost of Program

  • WV Pre-K classrooms that provide services to eligible children who can be counted in the school aid funding formula must provide those services at no cost to the parent/guardian of the children. Support for community programs to offer free public education shall be a part of the contract between the community partner and county board of education.
  • In childcare, Pre-k is an enhancement to the regular program during the designated Pre-k hours.  Since Pre-k under this policy is part of a free public education, parents/guardians shall only be charged for those hours outside the Pre-k designated time.

Behavior Management

  • Staff shall ensure that all guidance, behavior management, and discipline practices are constructive and educational in nature, appropriate to each child’s age and circumstances, and in keeping with the WV Pre-K program’s policies and procedures.
  • Staff members are responsible for providing positive guidance that is appropriate to each child’s age, understanding, and circumstances.

Classroom Setup

  • Classrooms may have up to 20 children.
  • Fully inclusive early childhood classrooms are offered with appropriate supports for children with identified special education needs.
  • Classrooms are open to parents/guardians and they are encouraged to participate in classroom activities.