Head Start

Marion County Head Start, a program of North Central West Virginia Community Action Association, Inc., is a federally funded program.  This collaborative Pre-K option is available to children turning 3 and 4 years old prior to September 1st of the current school year.  A predefined Selection Criteria is used to determine the placement of children. Priority is given to children based on age, income, family circumstance, and other criteria.  Although most families must meet income guidelines to enroll, over-income spaces are also available.

The goal of Marion County Head Start is to provide early childhood education opportunities and comprehensive services to children and families to enhance the children's cognitive, social/emotional, and physical abilities.  Staff provide resources to parents through information and referrals.  Families are offered program governance opportunities and fatherhood/parent engagement activities to enhance relationships with their children.

Transportation is provided to children enrolled in the Head Start program. Transportation assistance is also offered to families attending program events and to obtain requirements.  All services provided by North Central WV Community Action Head Start are free to enrollees.