Title II

TITLE II (Part A) Teacher Quality is a federal program funded and supervised through the United States Department of Education. Local education agencies receive Title II Teacher Quality funds for the expressed purpose of improving students’ academic achievement. 

This year, the Marion County Board of Education will receive $620,906.00 for Teacher Quality activities which may include but are not limited to: (1) recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers and principals; (2) increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in classrooms; and (3) reforming teacher and principal certification programs. The activities must be based on a needs assessment, and be aligned with the WV Content Standards and Objectives and the WESTEST 2.

In exchange for receiving funds, the Marion County Board of Education is held accountable for improvements in student achievement. The Title II program provides flexibility to use the funds creatively to address challenges to teacher and principal quality. Title II projects to be funded during the 2010-11 school year include:
Fast ForWord coach (1 full-time position) to train Fast ForWord interventionists
·         Math coaches (2 half-time positions) to assist teachers in schools identified for improvement based on students’ math achievement
Principal Leadership Modules (ten 3-hour professional development sessions) to provide administrators with the resources that may lead to improved student achievement and school management
Curriculum Mapping accounts for all K-12 core subject teachers and the development of curriculum maps to ensure all core content is taught prior to WESTEST 2
·         Math Solutions provides 36 hours of professional development activities for fifty-one K-5 teachers of mathematics
Algebra Readiness provides professional development opportunities for twenty-two teachers who are learning about the 12 indicators for student success in Algebra I
Teacher Academy provides Marion County teachers with the opportunity to attend 10 of more than 100 workshops (3 hour sessions) concerning technology and core content areas

Additionally, Title II funds must be retained to provide private school teachers access to planned professional development programs. The administration and faculty of Fairmont Catholic School will be invited to participate in the Title II Teacher Quality programs offered to Marion County staff.

Teachers, administrators, parents and community members are welcome to make suggestions for professional development activities to be funded through the Title II Teacher Quality program. Please email your suggestions to Diane Furman, Title II Director, atdfurman@access.k12.wv.us.