Attention:  Vacancy Forms for all positions will be changing.  Please be sure you are submitting the current form (check date in bottom left corner) on the correct color with the correct posting number.  All forms are available at the Marion County Board of Education Central Office, 1516 Mary Lou Retton Drive, Fairmont, WV  26554.  Incorrect form/form color/posting number will not

be accepted.  At this time, we are unable to receive applications via "e-mailed" .  A link for forms and fillable forms follow, however, they must be the correct color when submitted. 

Effective 9/15/17 -  Posting forms will be as follows:

Special Education Aide Application for Vacancy - Pink

Coaching Application for Vacancy - Green

Contracted Services application for Vacancy - Lilac

Only available at Board Office when applicable

Apply for this on the appropriate Green or Orange form

Professional - for Presently Employed - Blue

Professional - for  New Applicants and Substitutes - Orange

Service Personnel Application for Vacancy - White

Substitute Service Application - Yellow

Only available at Board Office when applicable

******Professional Positions******

Spanish - Itinerant (HB Fairview Middle)

Spanish - Fairmont Senior High

Art - North Marion High

Spanish - North Marion High

Special Ed - Visually Impaired - West Fairmont Middle

Mission Transition High School Facilitator - East Fairmont High

Special Education - Multi Cat w/Autism - Blackshere

******Service Positions******

Custodian I/II (1/2 time) - East Fairmont Middle

Custodian I/II - East Fairmont High

Cook I/II Fairview Middle

Cook I/II (1/2 time) - Watson

Cook I/II (1/2 time) - East Fairmont High

Cook I/II - East Fairmont High

Bus Operator # 36

Sign Support Specialist - Itinerant (Boys and Girls Club)


Barrackville:                                 Medical Needs                            90 minutes                   

                                                  Bus Duty/Student Assistance       75 minutes                   

                                                  Student Assistance                     30 minutes                   

Blackshere:                                 Student Assistance                      90 minutes                   

                                Instructional Support                   60 minutes

                                                  Medical Duties                            30 minutes                   


East Dale:                                Bus Duty/Student Assistance      60 minutes                   

                                                Medical Duties                           30 minutes                   

                                               Bus Duty                                   60 minutes                   

                                             Bus Duty                                  0 minutes                   

East Fairmont High:                  Student Assistance                    150 minutes                 

                                              Bus Duty/Student Assistance     120 minutes                 

                                               Bus Duty/Student Assistance     135 minutes                 

                                                 Medical Duties                             30 minutes                  

Jayenne:                                  Bus Duty/Student Assistance       60 minutes                  

                                               Bus Duty/Student Assistance       60 minutes                  

Monongah Elementary:             Student Assistance                   30 minutes                   

                                               Medical Duties                          30 minutes                   

                                                Medical Duties                          45 minutes                   

                                                Student Assistance                   45 minutes                   

                                                Student Assistance                    30 minutes                   

                                                Student Assistance                    30 minutes                   

                                                Student Assistance                    30 minutes                   

                                                Student Assistance                    30 minutes                   

Monongah Middle:                    Student Supervision                  90 minutes                   

                                              Student Supervision                  45 minutes                   

Pleasant Valley:                        Medical Duties                          60 minutes                   

Rivesville:                                Medical Duties                          90 minutes                   

                                               Bus Duty/Student Assistance     90 minutes                   

                                               Bus Duty/Student Assistance     90 minutes                   

Watson:                                   Student Assistance                   30 minutes                   

                                               Student Assistance                   30 minutes                   

****** Coaching (Paid) Positions******

Asst. Volleyball Coach - Barrackville

******Contracted Services******

******Substitute Service Positions******

Ten (10) Substitute Cooks

Five (5) Substitute LPN

Four (4) Substitute Braille Specialist