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Barrackville Elementary and Middle School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Welcome Back Bisons!   We are excited to get started on a new school year!  Below we have listed the arrival and dismissal procedures for this school year.  These procedures are in place for the safety and security of our students.  If you have any questions, please call Ms. Bombard or Mrs. Episcopo. 

New county policy this year Students arriving late or leaving early must be signed in/out in the main office.  The person signing them in/out MUST present a photo ID.  Marion County Schools is utilizing the School Guardian System to enhance safety.

Please send written confirmation of your child’s dismissal procedures.  Changes to your child’s dismissal routine must be documented by expressed written permission from you.  We will not take the word of the student.  Phone calls changing dismissal routine must be made before 2pm.  If your child is going home with another student, both parties must have written permission. 

Arrival **Students are permitted to arrive on campus after 8am. 

Bus students will arrive as scheduled through transportation and will report to designated area upon arrival. 

The front entrance is for bus arrival only.

Student-Drop Off will be behind the Barrackville Methodist Church.  Parents are not permitted to exit the vehicle in the student drop off line. 

Parents who wish to walk their child to the building, please utilize the Bethesda Baptist Church parking lot and use the front crosswalk. 

Walkers enter through the Maple Avenue side of the building and report to their designated area.

Dismissal   **There will be no dismissals from the annex or mobile classrooms

Parent Pick-up will be from the cafeteria beginning at 3:06.  Parents/Guardian must have identification cards when picking up students.  Cards will be distributed the first day of school. 

Bus students will be dismissed as busses arrive through the main entrance.

Walkers are students who walk unaccompanied to their home.  Pre-k students MUST be picked up by an adult through parent pick up or they ride a bus.  NO PRE-K STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED TO WALK HOME, EVEN WITH AN OLDER STUDENT.

Middle school walkers will be dismissed at 3:16 and will exit through the Maple Ave. side of the building.  Elementary walkers will be dismissed at 3:16 and will exit through the Maple Ave. side of the building.

Students are not permitted to walk to the parking lot to meet an adult.

Parents are not permitted to park on Maple. Ave and wait for their child to walk to a vehicle.

Elementary students who walk home with an older student/sibling will wait in their homeroom until such time the older student can retrieve them. 

Kindergarten and Third grade students will be in the main hallway for dismissal. 


We appreciate your commitment to your child’s education and safety.   We are excited to get started on a new school year!  As always, if you any have questions, please feel free to email your child’s teacher on Livegrades or call the office to speak with our Principal, Ms. Vicki Bombard or our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Sarah Episcopo.  

Welcome Back Bisons!  We are proud to have you part of our HERD!