Arrival and Dismissal Information

***Arrival and Departure Procedures
Students arrival and departure will be determined by their bus schedule, however students who are privately transported should not arrive prior to 6:45am, but before 7:15am. When dropping off, all vehicles are to drive up Alta Vista Avenue and turn right onto Mason Street.  Students can exit the vehicle anywhere along Mason Street and immediately walk down the side walk to the new stairs located in front of the school.  Teachers will be available to monitor and assist students.   We prohibit dropping off in any other area as it compromises safety and does not promote good relationships with our neighbors. If you do not have time to wait in the drop off line, allow your student to ride a bus to school. Students that are picked up or walk home will be released from the front doors facing Mason Street. When picking up your child you will not enter the parking lot but will park along Mason Street or Alta Vista Avenue. For the safety of the children walking, please refrain from parking along the adjacent streets during these times. Upon arrival, students should report to the gym or the cafeteria (breakfast). Students are not to report to their lockers until they are dismissed to first period. Students arriving after 7:15 a.m. need to receive a tardy slip from the office before reporting to class. Students riding first bell buses in the evenings will be dismissed at 2:14 pm. Students must ride the bus they are assigned. Walkers and students being picked up will be dismissed at approximately 2:17 pm.  Walkers and pick-ups will be dismissed through the front door of the school only and must walk up the stairs to Mason Street. From there they may follow sidewalks to Morgantown Ave, Pittsburg Ave, Ohio Ave, or Alta Vista to meet their parents or walk home. Students should not be signed out in the office early unless there is an emergency or medical appointment.