Welcome to East Fairmont Middle's Virtual Open House - Hope you enjoy the visit!

Front Office

Main Hall


7th Grade Hallway

New Water Fountains

6th grade staff

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Please view the slideshow provided by our PTO of some basic information for those that might want to get involved and help out your child's school.

Counselors' Welcome

Ms. Hansberry and Mrs. Pavlic with a brief introduction to the counseling office.

Teachers' Open House Announcements

Click on the teacher's name below to see and/or hear a greeting.

Mrs. Allen - 5th and 6th grade Special Education

Ms. Bailey - 7th and 8th grade Science

Mrs. Baker - 6th grade ELA

Mrs. Bland - 6th grade Science

Mrs. Brown - 5th grade Math

Mrs. Carpenter - 8th grade Math

Mrs. Cox - 6th grade Social Studies

Ms. Drainer - 7th and 8th grade Spanish

Mrs. Fellows - 8th grade Math

Ms. Gain - 5th and 6th grade Art

Ms. Golson - 6th grade Math and Science

Mrs. Hayhurst-Spencer - 7th grade Math

Mrs. Henderson - 7th and 8th grade Special Education

Mrs. Holt - 5th grade Math

Mr. Leshko - 7th grade Science

Mrs. McClain - Special Education

Mr. Michael - 5th grade Social Studies

Mrs. Pill - 8th grade Science

Mrs. Reesman - 6th grade Math

Ms. Rhoades - 5th and 6th grade Gifted

Mrs. Romberger - 8th grade ELA

Mrs. Ross - Library

Mr. Roy - 6th grade ELA and Social Studies

Mr. Sampson - 5th and 6th grade Health and PE

Mrs. Schrader - 7th and 8th grade Special Education

Ms. Sisk - 7th grade ELA

Mr. Slusser - 5th grade Science

Mrs. Stone - 5th and 6th grade Special Education

Mrs. Tobrey - 5th grade ELA

Mrs. Tomblyn - 5th grade ELA

Ms. Wheeler - 6th grade ELA

Mrs. Wisman - 5th grade ELA and Math

Hellos from some of our service personnel

Mrs. Coffman and Mrs. Linn - Special Ed Aides

Mrs. Pierce - Special Ed Aide