Parents of Monongah Middle

Morning Arrival- Please do not drop your student off at the school before 8:00 AM. If you arrive early, you can park in the parking lot of the Catholic Church until time to drop students off. Please do not block the entrance to the school parking lot.

After-School Plans- Changes in transportation are to be made PRIOR to arriving at school. DO NOT call the school after 2:00 PM to change plans for how a student is to go home unless it is an emergency. It may be difficult to get the message to everyone involved. This can lead to children that are left stranded at the school building or riding a bus to the wrong destination. If you need to change the dismissal routine, you must inform the school in writing. If you are getting on the same bus but off at a different stop, or getting on a different bus, you need a note from home. Students are to give this note to their first period teacher, and later in the day, they will be given a bus slip which you MUST have to give to the driver. If you are going home with another student, you need a note from BOTH parents.

Illness or Injury- If a child becomes ill, they must report to their supervising teacher for permission to go to the school nurse. If necessary, the parent will be contacted. All students leaving the school for illness or injury must be signed out by the main doors. In case of a serious emergency, continued effort to contact the parent or guardian while emergency transport is arranged.

Attendance and Tardiness- It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make sure the child is in school. State law mandates that 5 consecutive days of absences or 10 absences in a school year will result in automatic referral to the Attendance Officer. A pattern of repeated tardiness can also result in immediate referral to the Home/School Liaisons and/or the Attendance Officer Letters will be sent home if a student has accumulated five unexcused absences. Subsequently, no improvement will result in a letter sent to the Marion County Attendance Director and/or the Department of Health and Human Services informing them of the continued problem. At the point, legal action could be initiated. Failure to send your child to school can be considered "educational neglect." If your child is absent, please send a signed and dated note with your child's full name to the office within three days of their return. It is not necessary to call the school and report the absence. Please email teachers through LiveGrades to request their work. Allow teachers one day to prepare assignments. Once teachers prepare the makeup work, it can be picked up. MMS reserves the right to determine the reason or excuse for an absence or tardiness as excused or unexcused. Parents, please remember that a full instructional day is vital to your child's academic success. Please ensure your children are at school on time and encourage your children to stay in school.

School Messenger- School Messenger is the Marion County emergency notification system providing families with automated phone calls. It is used for emergency notifications as well as for special notices about class activities and student absences. We must have your current phone number in WVEIS. You may also be notified of school closures, early dismissal, etc. by the regular media, social media, newspapers, television, and radio.

Medications at School- Students are NOT to have medications in their possession, even for personal use, at any time. When medications must be taken at school, the following guidelines MUST be followed: A parent must come into the school office and complete the Administration of Medication form, complete with physician's signature. Medicine must be brought to school (by parent/guardian) in the original bottle or packaging, it CANNOT be administered if sent in an alternate package.

Guidance and Counseling- School counselors are responsible for assisting students with course selections, testing, and individual problems that impede the learning process. Students are encouraged to become acquainted with their counselor, who will listen and assist with their concerns. They provide developmental guidance lessons, presentations, activities, and group sessions with students in an effort to teach them life skills needed as they grow and mature. Additional counseling services are available through school based services. Referrals can be made through the Counseling Office.

Business Partners in Education- MMS is extremely fortunate to have local community and business partners that support staff and students. The Giver's Hand Community Food Pantry has graciously provided much needed support and will be joined by Corwin Ford and MVB Bank this year. We are continuously looking for community partnerships to provide staff appreciation events, guest speakers, and student awards, as well as supporting our mission and improving the culture at Monongah Middle School. If interested in joining these businesses in supporting our school community, please contact the office.