Mission Statement and Core Beliefs

Mission Statement

The mission of White Hall Elementary is to provide a caring environment in which every child is respected and is given the opportunity to develop character, attitudes, and values: to acquire skills necessary for contemporary society; to adapt to change and remain open to progressive techniques.  The curriculum is designed to serve the educational, physical, social , and emotional needs of every child, to create a positive atmosphere and to provide superior academic education so that each child will become a productive member of society.  Thus, White Hall Elementary believes that our mission reflects the message of "One Voice, One Focus:  ALL Students Achieving."

Core Beliefs

1.  Through committed partnerships, all students, families and personnel have the responsibility to contribute to the global community.
2.  In an environment of mutual respect, all stakeholders are responsible for their own actions.  All adults are responsible for the well-being of all students. 
3.  Valuing diversity in people and in ideas enhances sustainable educational development and enriches the community. 
4.  All students can learn, have the right to a safe, secure and orderly learning environment, and must have equitable opportunities and choices on how to learn. 
5.  High expectations are essential for student success as global citizens. Teamwork is vital for effective learning.  Successful schools require powerful instructional and administrative leadership.