Dear White Hall Elementary Parents,

The first day of school will be August 24 for grades 1-4 and August 26 for kindergarten students.  

Drop off will be in the morning at the front door by the marque from 8:00-8:25.  Please do not arrive prior to 8:00 because it stops traffic through the school neighborhood and then backs up onto the highway.  When arriving from 8:00-8:25 to drop off your child, you are to pull in Emerald Lane, continue to stay in one line, curve in front of the building, and then drop off your child closer to the marque sign.
Make sure that your child has his/her backpack on and is ready to exit the car when you pull up. Parents should not exit cars and students should only get out on the right hand side for safety.  Do not pull into a parking space and park to let your child out--we have very few parking spots and they are for the staff.  If a grandparent is dropping off, please make them aware of these procedures.
After drop off, students will report to the multi-purpose room until they are to report to class. Students are invited to get a breakfast during this time period.

Pick up of students not riding a bus will be 3:20 at the back door.  To pick up a student, you will proceed to the back of the school, park in the large parking lot in the back (please do not block neighbors' driveways, as you will be towed).  Use the middle of the parking lot also by backing in and parking as close as possible.  Exit your car at 3:20 and walk to the grass area by the back door or to the small basketball court.  When the teacher opens the door, she will call the name of the student and parents will raise their hand to identify themselves.  No child will be released to a pickup person that we do not recognize --all pick up people MUST be listed on the student information sheet.

Open House will be Monday; however, we will need to do this virtually due to the rise in Covid.  Please check your child's Google Classroom for an open house video or message from your child's teacher.

Suggested supply lists are posted on the front door of the school, are on DoJo, are on the PTO's Facebook page, are posted at Wal-Mart, and are also on the Target site.

Bus Riders--the bus schedule is posted at the site and will also be in the Sunday newspaper.  Masks are mandatory on the bus.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning and are excited for a new school year!