WVU Christmas Toy Drive

WVU Children's Hospital Toy Drive

It has been a very busy time at WVU Medicine Children's Hospital and they are in need of the community to help the patients.  White Hall students and staff are jumping aboard to help!  Due to infection control protocols, many of the items the WVU patients use daily cannot be reused by others.  This has caused a storage on stuffed animals and sensory toys.  These items help support a patient's physical and emotional needs during their care at the hospital.  Due to guideline, we can only accept new items.  Please donate a new sensory toy or stuffed animal such as pinwheel sets, pop push fidgets toys, Play-Doh, expandable ball spheres, squishy toys, fidget spinners, stretchy strings fidget, sensory stress balls with water beads, stuffed animals or small Lego kits.