Student Behaviors and Expectations

The Standards in State Policy 4373 define clear expectations for students. 

Standard 1: Self Awareness and Self-Management

The self-awareness and self-management standard promote the development of self-esteem and identification of emotions leading to student self-efficacy to express themselves in consecutive ways.  These skills enable students to control impulses, manage stress, and motivate themselves to establish, monitor, and achieve academic and personal goals.

Standard 2: Social Awareness and Interpersonal Skills

Social awareness involves recognition of the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others, including those that are different from one’s own.  Interpersonal skills involve cooperating, communicating respectfully, and constructively resolving conflicts with others.  Both are essential in order to build and maintain positive relationships that are essential to success in school and life.

Standard 3: Decision Making Skills and Responsible Behaviors

Decision making requires an ability to accurately assess a variety of situations, define and evaluate choices, anticipate consequences of each, generate alternative choices, and select a responsible choice.  Responsible behaviors are those that promote safety, avoid risk, deal honestly and fairly with others, and contribute in a positive way to one’s classroom, school, family, and community.

Each standard is then broken down into objectives which are available on LiveGrades and can be found on the Marion Board of Education website, and the West Virginia Department of Education web site,

Policy 4373 has identified inappropriate behaviors and the consequences and possible interventions that may be used when students do not comply with the Student Behaviors and Expectations standards and objectives.  The behaviors are identified in four separate levels and the interventions and consequences are also broken down into four distinct levels.  Watson elementary will follow the discipline matrix outlined by West Virginia Policy 4373.  This section may also be found on  LiveGrades as well as the county and state websites. 

*The administration at Watson Elementary reserves the right to take any action that is deemed necessary and appropriate given any situation and/or student(s).

**The information in this guide is a portion of the rules and procedures applicable to students at Watson Elementary.  Refer to for additional policies and procedures.