We are STARS

Effective consistent discipline must be maintained for the education process to operate effectively.  All school personnel will make every reasonable effort to assist any student adjusting to the school procedures and routines.  However, the primary responsibility for proper behavior rest on the student.

Through the establishment of consistent uniform discipline procedures, we can assist students in realizing their potential.  We will make every effort to make the learning environment as productive and safe as possible.

Marion County follows a county wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) policy to celebrate student success.

Watson STARS are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready!

The staff of Watson Elementary offers their students continual opportunities to learn and display "Three R" behavior (Respectful, Responsible, and Ready) in all areas of their educational and recreational experience while at school.





  • Listen to adults

  • Use whisper voices

  • Use kind words


  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  • Remain seated and facing the front of the bus

  • Walk to and from the bus in a single line


  • Listen to adults

  • Whisper when lights are on

  • Silent when lights are off

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  • Remain in bus line

  • Sit in correct bus line with legs folded

  • Backpack and coat are on

  • Listen for bus to be dismissed


  • Blue hall, no talking

  • Say “please” and “thank you”

  • Remain seated

  • Raise your hand for assistance

  • Soft voices when lights are on

  • Silent when lights are off

  • Clean your space before dismissal

  • Walk to dispose your food


  • Follow cafeteria expectations

  • Listen to adults for instruction


  • Keep hands at side

  • Quiet feet

  • Walking

  • Silence

  • Walk on the right side

  • Stay in line behind the teacher

  • Stop on the red dots

  • Follow teacher directions

  • Eyes and feet facing forward



  • Listen to adults

  • Take turns

  • Include others

  • Hands and feet to yourself

  • Follow playground expectations

  • Line up at first whistle

  • Wear safe shoes


  • Keep restroom clean

  • Respect the privacy of others 

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

  • Flush, wash hands, and dispose of paper towel.

  • Whisper voices

  • Enter and exit promptly


-Use technology properly.

-2 hands on device.

-Volume/headphones at correct level

-Hands off during instruction.

-Raise your hand to ask for assistance.

-Remain seated.

-School approved websites only.

  • Stay on assigned site

  • Bring Chromebooks to school fully charged daily

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

  • Log off when instructed

  • No food or drinks

  • Chromebook to school daily fully charged

  • Bring all materials as assigned by teacher

  • Facing teacher during instruction


Use TEAMS tools:

  • 1 - raise your hand tool

  • 2 - stay on mute until you are called on

  • 3 - camera on if requested by teacher

  • Be in a quiet space

  • Stay on task

  • Have all class materials near the computer

  • Chromebook fully charged

  • Stay focused and on task

  • Log into class on time

  • Materials prepared and close

  • Quiet space with no disruptions

  • Sitting in a seat

  • Dressed in school appropriate clothes