BookPolicy Manual Section6000 Finances TitleCHILD NUTRITION BILLING AND COLLECTION Codepo6153 StatusActive AdoptedMarch 1, 2010 Last RevisedJuly 10, 2017



The purpose of this policy is to enable the Marion County Board of Education to implement a centralized child nutrition billing and collection procedure. The following policy established guidelines for administering the billing and collection of food service accounts.

  1. All students are eligible for centralized food service accounts.


  2. All students are permitted to receive one breakfast and one lunch daily. A second meal may be purchased at the adult price. Any second meals must be paid for in cash at the time the meal is received.


  3. One milk will be served with each meal. If a student would like to purchase an additional milk they may do so and must be paid for in cash at the time it is received.


  4. Meals served will be tracked using a finger scanning system, card reader or by typing personal identification numbers into the POS line computer.


  5. Invoices will be generated through software linked to the scan system and mailed from Charleston by City National Bank on the 10th of the month following the calendar month during which meals were provided.


  6. Payment in full is due upon receipt. Payment may be made by check or money order payable to Marion County Schools Child Nutrition. Cash payments may be made and a receipt shall be given to the person paying with cash.


  7. Payments may be mailed to the address on the invoice, sent to the Child’s school or brought to the Child Nutrition Office 100 Naomi Street, Fairmont, WV.


  8. All bills shall be considered past due if not paid in full by the 25th of each month.


  9. The collection of delinquent accounts over 45 days may be pursued through Magistrate Court or other collection services. All costs associated with the collection of an account will become the responsibility of the parent or guardian.


  10. For all students who have left the school system, either by transfer to another school system, by graduation or by withdrawal, the billing and collection process will be initiated at the level deemed appropriate by the School Nutrition Program Director and the Superintendent.