BookPolicy Manual Section5000 Students TitleOPEN ENROLLMENT FOR RESIDENT STUDENTS Codepo5113.01 StatusActive AdoptedAugust 1, 2007 Last RevisedJune 1, 2020



The Board of Education shall permit any eligible, elementary, middle school, or high school student in the County to apply for enrollment in any County program or school, provided the student's application meets the requirements of the State and the conditions established in County guidelines.


The following definitions shall apply:


Home School


The school to which the student has been assigned prior to any request for transfer.


Home-School Student


A County student who resides in the home-school attendance area.


Nonhome-School Student


A County student who enrolls (seeks to enroll) in a program or school in another attendance area within the County.




Any one (1) of the specific course offerings of this County.


Program Size


The restrictions on a number of students in a program due to circumstances unique to that specific program, or financial or operating conditions of the County.


The Superintendent shall prepare guidelines for the implementation of this policy in ways that comply with relevant State laws and guidelines and establish procedures that provide for the following:


  1. Compliance with Federal and State discrimination laws.


  2. Students who have been suspended or expelled from a public or private school in West Virginia or another state, currently residing within the county, may not be denied enrollment in the District school system unless determined to be a “dangerous student” under the procedures set forth in W. Va. Code 18A-5-1a. District superintendents may, in their discretion, determine the appropriate educational placement, including alternative education services, for these students (State Superintendent of Schools’ Interpretation of January 26, 2007).


  3. Application procedures including the criteria by which applications from non home-school students shall be reviewed and prioritized. Home-school students shall be given priority over nonhome-school students. Further, a student shall submit an application only if s/he wishes to attend an alternate school in the County.


  4. Communications with applicants and their parents concerning this policy and the County's guidelines, including the timelines for application and notification of acceptance or rejection.

  5. Athletic eligibility shall comply with State regulations and the provisions set forth by the West Virginia Secondary Schools Commission (WVSSAC).


  6. Any transportation provided by the County for a nonhome-school student takes place within established bus routes and bus stops within the County.


  7. Set County capacity limits by grade level, school building and educational program.


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