BookPolicy Manual Section5000 Students TitleCARE OF STUDENTS WITH CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS Codepo5335 StatusActive AdoptedOctober 18, 2010



Students with chronic health conditions will be provided with a free appropriate public education. If their impairment does not require specially designed instruction for them to benefit educationally, they will be eligible for accommodations/modifications/interventions of the regular classroom, curriculum, or activity (i.e. the school setting) so that they have the same access to an education as students without disabilities. Such accommodations/modifications/interventions may be provided pursuant to a Section 504 Plan, as needed (Form 2260.01 F13).


Chronic health conditions, for the purposes of this policy, shall include:

  1. "peanut" and other food allergies;


  2. allergies;


  3. asthma;


  4. diabetes.

All information regarding student identification, health care management, and emergency care shall be safeguarded as personally identifiable information in accordance with Policy 8330 and Policy 8350.


The County will coordinate school health practices for management of a chronic health condition and shall provide for:

  1. identification of individuals with chronic health conditions;


  2. development of individual health care action plans;


  3. coordination of health care management activities by school staff;


  4. communication among school staff who interact with children with chronic health conditions;


  5. development of protocols to prevent exposure/episodic reactions;


  6. awareness and training of school staff regarding Board policy on acute and routine management of chronic health conditions, information on signs and treatment of chronic health conditions, medication and administration, and emergency protocols for dealing with reactions in "unusual" situations such as field trips.

School health practices shall provide students with chronic health conditions the opportunity for:

  1. full participation in physical activities when students are well;


  2. modified activities as indicated by the student's health care action plan, 504 plan, or Individualized Education Plan (IEP);


  3. access to preventative medications before activity (as prescribed by their medical providers) and immediate access to emergency medications during activity;


  4. communication regarding student health status between parents, physicians, teachers (particularly physical education teachers), and coaches.

Healthcare management activities shall include:

  1. procedures to obtain, maintain, and utilize written health care action plans, signed by the child's parents and physician, for each student with a chronic health condition;


  2. a standard emergency protocol in place for students experiencing a distress reaction if they do not have a written health care action plan on site;


  3. established communication strategies for students to use to tell an adult they may be having a health-related problem;


  4. procedures for students to have immediate access to medications in accordance with Policy 5330 and AG 5330 that allow students to self-care and self-administer medications, inhalers, and Epi-pens, as prescribed by a medical professional and approved by parents/guardians;


  5. prevention strategies to avoid causal elements;


  6. case management for students with frequent school absences, school health office visits, emergency department visits, or hospitalizations due to chronic health conditions;


  7. management and care of the student's chronic health condition in the classroom, in any area of the school or school grounds, or at any school related activity or event.

Staff will be trained about chronic health conditions and their control at least annually in each school in which there is a student with a chronic health condition.


Designated staff who have responsibility for specialized services such as giving inhaler treatments or injections, or conducting glucose and/or ketone tests shall be provided training specific to the procedures, by a licensed health professional.


The school nurse and principal shall maintain a copy of the training program and the records of training completed by school employees.


Administrative guidelines shall provide guidance for the implementation of this policy.

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