Posted 6/3/2021

Our friends at DHHR would like to remind families expecting the upcoming non-student P-EBT (for children under the age of 6 in households that receive SNAP) to please watch your mailbox. A letter will be making its way to eligible families starting next week on Monday, June 7. Please DO NOT throw away this letter. It will have information you need to activate your card. Cards will be mailed separately and arrive between June 15 and July 15. The cards will come in a plain white envelope from a South Dakota return address.   Reminders to Families with Students Receiving P-EBT this School Year:

  • Eligible students receive benefits only on days when remote/virtual instruction took place.
  • As the final batch of benefits for the current school year hit P-EBT cards, please keep in mind that most of the state was back to in-person learning (full force) between January and March. Your student’s benefits will decrease in respect to them returning to the classroom full-time.
  • If your student’s school year ended in May – your student will not accrue benefits for June.

  Regarding Summer P-EBT: When USDA approves West Virginia’s summer P-EBT plan, the Governor’s Office, the WVDE and DHHR will make a formal, public announcement. It is important that you DO NOT throw away your cards from this school year. Summer benefits will be loaded onto those cards. Learn more: