Citizen Appeal - Policy 7211


The purpose of this conflicts resolution process is to provide a way for citizens to work with county school district administrative officials in seeking solutions to problems when there is a failure to provide a high quality education that resources permit the school district to provide or for violation of any other legal duty.  Both the schools and the citizenry of the community are better served when a sincere effort is made to find constructive solutions to problems that arise.  It is the intent of this process to provide a simple, straightforward, and easily understood method for resolving problems at the lowest possible administrative level, as fairly and as quickly as possible.  The procedures set forth herein are not deemed to be a pre-condition to seeking relief in some other forum. (Effective date: August 11, 2014)

This procedural rule repeals and replaces W. Va. 126CSR188 West Virginia Board of Education Policy 7211, Appeals Procedure for Citizens, filed September 8, 1987, and effective October 9, 1987.