Free Mobile Hotspot Locator

Marion County Schools has installed 4 of our 6 mobile hotspots in our communities who have limited broadband connectivity and have students who attend Marion County Schools and or staff that work for Marion County Schools.
A) Mobile Hot Spot log in and password are as follows.

  • Log in:  Guest

  • Password:  MCSW2017

 B) Marion County Schools Mobile Hot Spot Locations are listed below:

  • Location #1 – Grant Town Town Hall - Marion County School Bus # 54 is parked across the street in the gravel parking lot 

  • Location #2 - Farmington Town Hall - Marion County Schools Steam Bus is parked behind the town hall adjacent to the block building. 

  • Location #3 – Mannington Area – 1872 Flaggy Meadow Road, Bus # 34 is parked at a residence.

  • Location #4 – Bunner’s Ridge Area – 2127 Bunner’s Ridge Road, Bus # 40 is parked at a residence.

  • Location #5 – Baxter Fire Hall – The bus is parked at the Baxter Fire Hall, Bus # 53

  • Location #6 – Metz Fire Hall – Antenna connected to the outside of the Metz Fire Hall  

Marion County Mobile Hot Spot log in and password are as follows
1) Log in:  Guest
2) Password:  MCSW2017

 C) Governor Justice Kids Connect Broadband Program
In addition to the Marion County Mobile hotspots, Governor Justices' Kids Connect Program each Marion County Schools has provided drive up wireless broadband connectivity for students, teachers and employees in each of our school parking lots.

  • Enter into a school parking lot and look for "Kids Connect" on the device

  • Click on the "Kids Connect Splash Page", 

  • Click on accept, you are now connected. 

Mobile Hotspot Locator