Regulations for Pupils Transported in School Buses

State of West Virginia
State Department of Education
Division of School Transportation

Form S-TJ/05
(Approved by the State Board of Education, State Department of Public Safety, and the State Department of Motor Vehicles)

To be posted in a prominent place in each school bus

  1. All pupils shall be ready in the morning at the scheduled time for the conveyance to arrive at the designated school bus stop or place of meeting. The bus cannot wait for those who are tardy.

  2. The pupil i a less desirable seat may move to another seat which is more comfortable, but only with permission of the bus operator and when the bus is not in motion.

  3. The bus operator is in full charge of the bus and pupils or any other passenger. Passengers must obey the operator promptly and respectfully.

  4. Pupils will observe the following:

    a. Cooperate with and respect any monitor on duty.
    b. Walk on left side of road facing traffic.
    c. Never stand or play on roadway while waiting for a school bus.
    d. Have shoes clean before entering bus. This should be done before bus arrives and not exercised so as to delay the bus.
    e. Avoid unnecessary conversation with the bus operator.
    f. Except for ordinary conversation, observe classroom conduct in the bus in order not to distract the bus operator's attention.
    g. The use of profane or immoral language will not be tolerated. The use of tobacco is prohibited.
    h. Arms and head must be kept inside bus windows at all times.
    i. Report any damages to the bus at once to the bus operator.
    j. Get on or off the bus or change seats in the bus only when it is not in motion and with permission of bus operator.
    k. Proceed safely, but alertly, when getting on or off the bus.
    l. If emergency door or emergency window exits are found open or partially open, they must be reported to the bus operator.
    m. No object of any nature shall be thrown or passed into or from the bus door or window by a passenger nor shall the same be permitted of others who are not passengers.
    n. Passengers seated in the bus shall willingly admit other passengers boarding the bus to vacant spaces in the seat or seats they occupy.

  5. Two of the most careful and mature pupils being transported bay be appointed by the operator and principal to serve as bus monitors. Some of the duties of these monitors may be as follows:

    a. Have all pupils aboard the bus seated, if possible, before the bus is moved from the loading point at a school.
    b. Act as a lookout for the bus operator at dangerous railroad crossings.
    c. Assist the bus operator through encouraging pupils to remain in an orderly and safe position when bus arrives at bus stop.
    d. Assist the bus operator in their duties for the safety of all pupils transported.
    e. No passenger, including bus monitor, may ride in the step well or forward of the front row of seats.
    f. Pupils to be transported shall provide required information to the bus operator on enrollment form provided.

  6. Two pupils in addition to those mentioned above may be appointed to assist at the emergency door exit during emergency exits, practice drills, or demonstrations for such exits. More mature passengers should be assigned such responsibilities.


  8. Should any passenger persist in violating any of these rules or regulations, after due warning has been given by the operator, such disobedient passenger shall then be forbidden by the operator the privilege of further transportation on a school bus until permission has been restored. Written notice of the action of the bus operator shall be furnished to the parent through the Board of Education, but such notice need not precede action by the bus operator.

  9. Any complaints of bus operators, pupils, parents, not specified in the above rules shall be reported to the principal, transportation supervisor, or superintendent.

  10. No passenger shall be permitted to bring glass objects, balloons, and/or aerosol cans on the school bus.

Periodical Instruction
School principals, teachers, and bus operators shall work cooperatively to instruct pupils in said rules and regulations governing transported pupils. It is also very advisable for the principal and teachers to acquaint pupils who are not being transported with said rules and regulations, since they will be indirectly, if not directly, associated with transportation personnel, problems, and its functions. Special emphasis should be given to pupil discipline while being transported on co-curricular trips other than to and from school.

The Marion County Board of Education shall furnish a copy of the above regulations to the following persons: all superintendents and assistants, all principals, and teachers of schools where pupils are transported, all directors of transportation, and bus operators, all attendance directors and assistant attendance directors.

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