Wellness Activities


  • Student Walk-Mornings, 5th -8th grades

  • Pilates & Yoga – Staff

  • Staff Appreciation-monthly, healthy, nutritious foods, luncheon.

  • Jump With Jill-program for 5th graders teaching healthy lifestyles.

  • Field Day- entire school involved, outside physical activities/games.


  • Flu Vaccine Clinic/Distributed Healthy Tomorrow information-Staff

  • Step Program- Staff- monitoring of daily steps

  • Fuel Up 60 Program-students

  • Walking Track- students, adults, and community.

East Dale

  • Health Fair-multiple activities for 3rd & 4th grade levels

  • Dr. Suess Week- healthy snacks and physical activities- K-4

  • Reading Rodeo- Kindergarten – dancing, relays

  • Quidditch Tournament- grades 1-4 - Field Day

  • Flu Shot Clinic- Staff

East Fairmont Middle

  • Project CHAT- 7th & 8th grade – healthy and safe sex and abstinence topics

  • Bullying Prevention- 7th & 8th grades- online prevention/bullying

  • Cardiac Kids – 5th grade – cardiovascular health topics

  • Jump With Jill – 5th grade – program stressing healthy lifestyle choices

  • Morning Walk and Talk- entire school- before school in gym

East Park

  • PBIS Dance – all students/parent involvement- dance instruction

  • Go Far – Boys & Girls Club Members- nutrition and fitness activities

  • Field Day- all students – multiple outdoor fitness activities

Fairmont Senior High School

  • Fitness Gram – all physical education students

  • Walking programs- before school and during lunch periods

  • Basketball – before school

Fairview Elementary

  • Red Ribbon Day- Drug and Tobacco Awareness- all students and staff

  • Super Hero Day- entire school- journey of young cancer patient/effects of cancer

  • H2O on the Go- staff – increasing water intake per week

  • NED- entire school- importance of staying in school and off drugs

  • Anti Bullying- entire school – week long anti bullying activities/friendship building

  • Healthy Snacks- all students- Making fruit-kabobs

  • Wounded Warrior Obstacle Course- all students- age appropriate obstacles/activity

  • Indian Trail Walk – walking one mile while fundraising

Fairview Middle

  • Relay Games- entire school – outside activity end of school

  • Girl Talk- personal hygiene/appropriate clothing choices- 4th grade

  • Suicide Prevention- 6-8th grades- speaker from USC

  • Smiles Program- free dental care – 10 students

  • Pink Out- entire school/staff- cancer awareness/Relay for Life

  • Red Ribbon Week- drug & alcohol awareness 4-8th

  • Positive Behavior- reward with relay games and activities – 4-8th


  • Cardiac Kids- 5th grade- cardiovascular education/screenings

  • Ping Pong (Gator Swamp)- all students- physical activity, sportsmanship, motivation

  • Jump Rope Marathon- 8th grade- learn roping skills and routines for presentation

  • Jump With Jill- 5th grade- rock and roll nutrition show/healthy lifestyles

  • Class Volleyball Tournaments- all students- homeroom competitions

  • Teachers vs. Athletes- volleyball and basketball tournaments- entire school

  • Fitness Gram- all students- fitness testing

  • Project Chat- 6th, 7th & 8th grade health students- healthy relationships

  • Tobacco Presentation- 8th grade- WVU nursing student presentation

  • Day at the Park- entire student body- field day activities, swimming, relays, volleyball

North Marion

  • Drug Presentation- WVU Pharmacy students presented on drug abuse/affects

  • Food deliveries- food for needy families delivered by staff

  • Life Flight/EMT- health students- CPR, tour of helicopter/ambulance, basic safety skills

  • Food/Clothes Pantry- donations for needy students

Pleasant Valley

  • Flu Clinic - staff - flu shots provided

  • Jump Rope for Heart - entire student body - jump rope activities/fundraiser

  • Recess Packs - purchase of additional equipment for Alternative PE time

  • Brain Breaks - entire student body - pause in instructional time to re-energize with activity


  • Walking Trail- K-8th- walking around the gym to music before class

  • Jump Rope for Heart- K-5th – jump rope activities for fundraiser

  • Rams On the Move!- morning walking- students can walk before school/log steps- 5-8


  • Yoga- 3rd & 4th grades- stretching, exercises, breathing techniques

  • Jump Rope for Heart- all students and families- jump rope activities/fundraiser

West Fairmont Middle

  • Fuel Up to Play 60- entire school- games with students and FSU reps at East/West Stadium

  • Fuel Up to Play Program- entire school- promotes physical activities and healthy eating

  • Nuken Tournament- entire school- reward activity


  • Walk A Thon- walking around the school – entire school

  • Olympic Day- field activities- entire school

  • Back on Path- staff- walking certain # of steps each day