Wellness Activities


  • Dance Party, students had an hour to learn and practice dancing to popular songs such as Electric Slide, YMCA, and others.  Seventh and eighth grade completed a course on Prescription Drug Safety.  Students completed an interactive course on the Dangers of Vaping.  Pre-K and Kindergarten hiked at the Pumpkin Farm and walked the mazes. 

  • Staff participated in a vaccine Clinic at the school, fitness group after school to work out and activities targeting mental health wellness.


  • Fun Run, students gather pledges and then walk/run for 30 minutes to see number of laps completed.  Bullying Education and Prevention and students participate in the Second Step Program.  Walk and talk after lunch for additional exercise and social interaction. Dental Hygiene for Kindergarten classes and Wellness Education including good hygiene.  Movement with Sight Words activity and indoor recess. 

East Dale

  • Students participated in the Cardiac Project, Smile Express Dental Hygiene and oral health with the WVU School of Dentistry and the Mon County Mobile dental office.  Also, 7 Habits of Healthy Kids and Second step focused on Social Emotional lessons weekly.

East Fairmont High School

  • The National Honor Society sponsored a blood drive for students and staff.  Red Ribbon Week, Raze gave out Red Apples to Staff.  The school collected over 2500 items for the Honey Bag program that feeds Middle and Elementary students over the weekend and holidays.

East Fairmont Middle

  • Science Adventure School for 6th grade, throughout year, includes counseling lessons on anxiety and stress, and goal setting, Cardiac Kids, Anti-Vaping, Crisis Unit, Upstanders, and Catch My Breath, Fairmont State Student Council discussed Wellness in the Academic setting, Fairmont State Men’s Basketball discussed physical well-being that leads to success in the classroom and future.  Seventh & eighth grade students are assigned a 4th grade pen-pal from a feeder school to help incoming students build confidence. EFMS also participates in the Honey Bag Program and the Falconry Program.

Fairmont Senior High School

  • Prior to the start of school each day, students can play basketball in the school gymnasium.  Students participated with and cheered for their Special Olympic classmates in modified basketball and fun relays.  Monthly club days allow students to participate in walking activities as well as basketball.

Fairview Elementary

  • Indian Trail Walk- students, parents and teachers participated in a 1 plus mile walk around Fairview to raise money and enjoy nature.  Red Ribbon Week- lessons in Anti-Bullying, Drug Awareness and Safety.  Students walked the town in Halloween Costumes to show their costumes and get exercise.  Family as a Team- Motivational speaker was brought in for students and parents and staff to talk about eh importance of family working as a team. Games were played to promote activity and mental engagement.

Fairview Middle

  • Seventh and eighth grade students practice leadership roles and skills by stepping into the teacher position to help new fourth grade students with activities designed to promote confidence and comfort on their new journey.

Fairview Middle

  • Fall Fitness Extravaganza (K-4), Dept. of Agriculture Weekly Nutrition Presentation grades 3-4, Healthy Smiles teeth cleaning for Kindergarten, Health Net Helicopter safety precautions presentation (K-4), Career Day with a doctor, nurse, Firefighter and Policeman, Bi-Weekly Social/Emotional lessons with Counselor, Classroom Brain Breaks, Field Day K-4, and Girls on the Run.


  • Walking and Counting Steps- Lessons on how a 30-minute walk 5 days per week can help improve your mood, better sleep, and increase energy, strengthen your heart, and reduce serious illness.  Also practiced was hitting 10,000 steps on the pedometer recommended by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  Inspirational speaker who dealt with drug free possibilities for youth and the school also had Red Ribbon week, Vape Prevention sessions, playtime for each class after lunch on the playground, Hygiene lessons from the nurse, Small Group Counseling and Second Steps program.

Monongah Elementary

  • Play time and activity on the playground while waiting on buses, weather permitting.  Staff participates in a walk on Rails to Trails after school.  Staff and students walked the town and neighborhood on Halloween in costumes.

Monongah Middle

  • Vape Prevention sessions with pre and post surveys.

North Marion

  • Fitness walks for 15 minutes to re-energize students between block sessions for better focus in the classroom, and students are taught to find resting and active heart rates.

Pleasant Valley

  • The Ropes School Jump Off competition is a jump rope program and incorporates the entire school. Bowling for positive behavior school wide for those who met the criteria 2nd nine weeks.  Small group and individual counseling for social skills, anxiety, academic success and healthy mind and body.  The program Second Step is used throughout the school year, once per week, to provide social emotional learning skills. Healthy Fundraiser consisting of students getting pledges to see how many laps they can complete in 30 minutes.


  • Fundraiser for the community and school, a 5-K run, sponsored by a Partner in Education.  West Virginia Catalyst Program in which students interact with WVU med students at stations set up with real examples of bones, brains, lungs, and hearts, allows students to touch and ask questions.  Anti-Tobacco Posters and Anti Vaping posters are created by students in Health Classes.  Go Noodle PE with Mr. G is an internet-based program that plays themed videos to get students moving and developing needed skills.  Students will take part in an Anti-Vaping campaign called “Catch My Breath” led by teachers trained for middle school.  Jump Rope for Heart is another healthy fundraiser for students.  Rivesville also offers a Fitness Room for Staff and Students with exercise equipment including an updated recumbent bike, treadmill, and rowing machine.


  • Participate in the Weekend Back Pack Program for at risk students, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables twice a week for all students during the afternoon,  Karate for afterschool 21st Century program, Girls on the Run, Trail Walk at Prickett’s Fort for a field trip, Skating Field trip for healthy 9 weeks reward, Bowling healthy activity field trip, Halloween parade walking to the Board office and back from school, attendance war with another school monthly to encourage students to come to school, Kids Heart Challenge in February focusing on heart health education and a fund raiser for the American Heart Association.

West Fairmont Middle

  • XC Run Sponsor Event has students participating in a 2.1-mile course and obtaining sponsors according to their finishing time.  Play 60 has students participating in a variety of games while learning teamwork, sportsmanship, and lifelong fitness.  Students work on life skills and learn about self-image and advertisements, dangers of drug use, anxiety, making decisions, cigarettes, etc. Each day, 5th grade Special Education students watch a video highlighting a different character trait including empathy, generosity, self-improvement, forgiveness, loving, helping etc.  and discuss these traits in their own lives.  These students also read about growing your own fruits and vegetables and what is a healthy diet.  They wrote about it and created posters to convince others to have a healthy diet.


  • Walk-a-Thon- as a healthy school fundraiser, students walked the school neighborhood celebrating Halloween and accepting  pledges for donations to the school PTO.

Updated 3/2024