This list consists of Marion County teachers and retired teachers who have submitted their names and indicated a willingness to tutor.  This is NOT a program provided by or monitored by Marion County Schools.  Names are provided as a service to the community.  The information below is best displayed on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Crystal Adkins
Subjects: Reading/Social Studies
Grade Levels: K-12
Fee:  $20/hour
Email: crystal.adkins@k12.wv.us
Phone:  304-612-5532

Caleb Aites
Subjects: Math
Grade Levels: All ages
Fee: $25/hour
Email: ciaites01@gmail.com
Phone: 304-368-8415

Cathy Calkins
Subjects:  Reading, English, Social Studies
Grade Levels:  Any
Fee:  Sliding Scale
Email:  ccalkins040@gmail.com

Brittany Coffman
Subjects:  Reading and Math
Grade Levels: K-3
Fee:  $20/hour
Email:  brittany.coffman@k12.wv.us

Amanda Johnson
Subject:  English
Grade Levels: 5-12
Fee:  $25/hour
Email:  Awalker@k12.wv.us
Phone:  304-657-4135

Megan Kusich
Subjects:  Reading/Math
Grade Levels: K-2
Fee:  $25/hour
Email:  megan.kusich@k12.wv.us

Stacey Patterson
Subjects:  Reading/Math
Grades: K-4
Fee: $25/hour
Email:  Sapatterson@k12.wv.us
Phone:  304-288-1389

Josie Plachta
Subjects:  ELA, Theater, Speech, Journalism
Grade Levels:  9-12
Fee:  $20/hour
Email:  jplachta@k12.wv.us
Phone:  304-366-4146

Beverly Richards (Retired)
Subject: Reading
Grade Levels: K-4
Fee: $20/hour to $30/hour
Email:  rodandbev83@gmail.com
Phone:  304-288-9950

Linda Rosenberger (Retired)
Subjects:  Math
Grade Levels: 7-12
Fee: $25/hour
Email:  Lindarosenberger@hotmail.com
Phone: 304-366-5248 or 304-694-4107

Amber Swiger
Subjects:  Reading, Social Studies, Math
Grade Levels: K-6
Fee:  $20/hour
Email:  Amber.swiger@k12.wv.us
Phone:  304-266-8166

Sherri Whinnie
Subjects:  Reading/Math
Grade Levels:  K-4
Fee:  $25/hour
Phone:  304-657-4311

Donna Yanego
Subject:  Reading
Grade Levels:  All
Fee:  Sliding Scale
Email:  dyanego@k12.wv.us
Phone:  304-677-8184